Modify Facebook Twitter notification tones in BlackBerry OS 6

How to modify Facebook & Twitter notification tones in BlackBerry OS 6? You just upgraded your BlackBerry device to OS 6, then installed Facebook and Twitter app into the new OS 6. The default tone of both Facebook and Twitter app is ‘Sanguine Remix’ with silent volume mode for Twitter app. Note that the default tone may be different among BlackBerry device types.

You may want to change the Facebook and Twitter app notification tones. To change it, it is very easy and the following is the steps:

Go to Options > Sounds and Ring Tones > Sounds for Selected Profile > Other Applications – Notifiers

Under ‘Other Applications – Notifiers’ section, you can see a list of applications you can modify the notification tones such as Browser, Facebook, Social Feeds, Twitter – Message, Twitter – New Mentions, Twitter – New Tweets and more. The list depends on what applications you have installed in the system.

Just select Facebook / Twitter applications and modify the tones.

It was that easy to change the Facebook/Twitter notification tones in BlackBerry OS 6.