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How to create VLAN in Ubuntu Linux

If you use Ubuntu Linux as a router, you may need to create VLAN (virtual LAN) interfaces in Ubuntu to divide your LAN. It is common in network infrastructures to use VLAN.

This post is intended to show you how to create VLAN  in Ubuntu Linux operating system. I am using Ubuntu 12.10 but it should be applicable for all Ubuntu versions. Simply follow the steps below:

How To Reset Password Mikrotik DOM

How To Reset Password Mikrotik DOM

It may happen to you that you forget the Mikrotik administrator password. In routerboard’s families, you can reset to default by pressing the reset button located on the board (or via netinstall). But if it happens on Mikrotik DOM (disk on module), is there a way to reset to default configuration?

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How to block Facebook, Twitter, Youtube on Mikrotik

In case you want to block access to Facebook, Twitter, Youtube or other websites, it is easy to do this job on Mikrotik RouterOS. You can use either web proxy or directly from firewall rule to block websites.

According to Mikrotik Wiki, you can block users from accessing websites using content option in Mikrotik Firewall rule. One rule per content you want to block. So if you want to block, for example, Facebook, Youtube, and Twitter, you have to create rule for each content.