Add Google +1 Button to your blog / website via Sharebar plugin

Google is officially rolling-out the +1 button to public consumption. Bloggers/webmasters can now add Google +1 button into their websites so users can easily recommend the contents to friends and contacts on Google search. As Google says, you could get more and better qualified traffic if many of your website’s readers recommend your contents.

I use WordPress blogging software for my website and currently use Sharebar plugin vertically floating in the left side of each posts/contents to let my blog readers easily sharing the contents. And I just successfully added the Google +1 button into the Sharebar plugin.

Here is the steps how to add the +1 button into Sharebar wordpress plugin:

1.       Login to the wordpress admin panel and then go to Sharebar setting. There should be several available buttons that ready to use such as Twitter, Digg, Facebook, etc.

2.       Click the ‘Add New Button’. See the image below for details to configure the Google +1 button! Get the code snippet of the +1 button from I choose tall size for the big button and medium size for the small one. Then click the ‘Add Button’.

3.       Make sure the ‘Google +1’ button is already enabled. Even though in the above image I already ‘checked’ the Enable option, I have to manually enable it in the Sharebar setting. Note that, grey color means disabled while white color means enabled.

4.       The last step is place the javascript tag in your head or just before your close body tag.

5.       You are done.

Wow… It was so easy to add Google +1 button into your website / blog via Sharebar button. You can see the Google +1 button integrated with Sharebar plugin in the left side of this post.