5 New Features of iOS 5 You Should Know About

Apple just recently released the iOS 5 which brought more than 200 new features and improvements for your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch devices. Talking about all the new features of iOS5 will not be enough time and space here. That’s why we just want to highlight 5 new features of iOS5 that you should know about.

New Notifications
The notifications in the iOS 5 have been revamped. The old notifications that pop up on the screen makes you feel annoying right? The new notifications are similarly like the Android notifications have in the top bar of the devices. Tapping the top bar and then dragging to the bottom will open the notifications.

This is absolutely a new feature available in iOS 5. This is a messaging system app that will hurt BlackBerry with its BlackBerry Messenger app and the telecommunications operators with its SMS/MMS system. It works among all the iOS 5 devices and will be integrated into OS X Lion later.

iCloud is an online cloud storage which let Apple’s users store and sync their data, documents, calendars, notes, photos and more among iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, and OS X Lion. Apple offers 5 GB of iCloud space capacity for free of charge.

Twitter Integration
With iOS 5, you can easily post your images / photos, Youtube videos, web links, or even Maps to Twitter. It also adds a new Twitter address field to the Contacts application.

A new Safari browser
The new Safari browser in iOS 5 allows you to reformat a site on the fly. This features flows into Reading List which is a way to save the pages for later offline viewing. It keeps them synced among all iOS 5 devices and Lion via iCloud.

Those are the 5 highlight features of the iOS 5 you should know about. For more complete list of the features, you can find it at http://www.apple.com/ios