MAC Address Filtering in Mikrotik Wireless Access Point

This tutorial shows you how to  MAC address filtering in Mikrotik Wireless Access Point (AP) or Hotspot. Only listed MAC addresses will be able to connect to the access point.

Here is the step by step.

1. Login to the Mikrotik AP via Winbox.

2. Click on the Wireless menu on the left side of Winbox. If you already configured one or more wireless access points, there should be listed in the Wireless Tables Interfaces. It can be wlan interfaces or virtual wireless interfaces.

3. Double-click on the wlan/virtual interfaces (in this tutorial I use virtual wireless interface). An Interface <interface name> will show up then go to the Wireless tab. What you have to to is uncheck the ‘Default Authenticate’ option then click Apply/OK. See below image!

Mikrotik Virtual Interface4. Back to the Wireless Tables window, go to Access List tab. In here you have to ad the MAC address of the devices that you allow to connect to the AP. See image below!

Mikrotik Mac Address Filtering

5. Done. You can now test your devices to connect the AP. The devices that their MAC addresses are listed in the Access List should be able to connect to the AP. Otherwise, they should be denied.