How to install Blackberry JDE Component Pack or Plug-in for Eclipse

You want to install Blackberry JDE (Java Development Environment) Component Pack or Plug-in for Eclipse?

You should know that each version of the component pack for the Eclipse Plug-in correspond to a major version of the Blackberry operating system. Fortunately, Blackberry does a good job of keeping their OS backward compatibility, so any application developed for OS  4.5 generally will work the same on OS 4.6 or higher. However, you may want to use some features that are only available in the latest OS. The safe minimum is OS version 4.2, which covers all trackball devices  and later and is the minimum version supported by Blackberry App World.

To install the component pack or plug-in for Eclipse, use the update site to download and install the Blackberry JDE component pack directly into an Eclipse install.

I am using Eclipse 3.4.1 aka Ganymede. To install the component packs, click Help > Software Updates…. The Software Updates and Add-ons window will be opened. Go to the Availabe Software tab and then click Add Site… button. In the Add Site window, insert this URL to the Location field: then click OK.

Blackberry Eclipse Add Site (click to enlarge)

After adding the URL, Eclipse will retrieve available component packs and will be shown under Blackberry Java Plug-in Category of Blackberry Update Site.

Blackberry Eclipse Plugins (click to enlarge)

Select the component packs that you want to install and then click Install… button to install them.