Oracle Solaris Studio Express 6/10 Download

Oracle Solaris Studio Express 6/10 (previously known as Sun Studio Express)  is available on Solaris 10 (SPARC, x86), OEL 5 (x86), RHEL 5 (x86), SuSE 11 (x86) and will be available for OpenSolaris in the near future.

New feature highlights since the last release include:

  • C/C++/Fortran compiler optimizations: the compilers, libraries and tools have been tuned and optimized to provide leading-edge performance on all the latest supported architectures:
    • optimizations for the latest UltraSPARC- and SPARC64-based systems including UltraSPARC T2 and SPARC64 VII
    • optimizations for the latest x86 systems including the Intel Xeon 7500 processor series (Nehalem-EX) and the Intel Xeon 5600 processor series (Westmere-EP)

    With dozens of recent industry-based benchmarks, Oracle Solaris Studio software offers world record-setting compilers:

  • Enhanced debugging and code coverage tooling: a new memory debugger (Discover) provides increased performance & accuracy. Other enhancements include improved debugging of optimized code (OCD), improvements to tcov, and a new code coverage tool (uncover) which prioritizes unexercised functions.
  • Improved application profiling and observability: enhancements in the Performance Analyzer include the ability to compare multiple experiment runs, new hierarchical tree view of data functionality, and profiling of shell scripts. A new stand-alone DLight observability tool is also included in the release.
  • Updated IDE based on NetBeans 6.8: Oracle Solaris Studio comes with an integrated development environment (IDE) based on the award winning Netbeans IDE, tailored for use with the included compilers and the debugger. This IDE increases developer productivity with a code-aware editor, workflow, and project functionality. The updated IDE provides performance improvements to the code assistance model and new remote development functionality.

For details about the new features, hardware requirements, installation guide and more can be found in the June 2010 Express README.