Downgrade BlackBerry OS to the previous software version

In my previous post, I have shown you how to upgrade BlackBerry Curve 3G 9300 to OS 6.

If you feel unhappy with the release, definitely you can downgrade it. The requirements should be the same as in the upgrade guide, but you will need the device software version officially released by your carrier as the downgrade target. You can get the software from Software Download Sites for BlackBerry.

This guide will guide you how to downgrade BlackBerry OS. It has been tested in the BlackBerry Curve 3G 9300 when I downgraded from OS to OS without any problems.

Here are the steps:

1. Make sure that you already have the device software as the downgrade target. If not you can download the software from BlackBerry Software Download page as above.

2. Uninstall the current installed software version from the Laptop/PC using Control Panel > Programs > Uninstall a program.

Uninstall Device Software

3. Install the targeted device software. Then run the BlackBerry Desktop Software.

4. In the BlackBerry Desktop Software, go to Device > Update my device…

Downgrade BlackBerry OS

5. ‘Check for Update’ window will appear, click the ‘View other versions’ button.

Downgrade BlackBerry OS step 5

6. There should be available softwares shown in the next step, select the software you want to install then click ‘Install’ button.

Downgrade BlackBerry OS step 6

The next steps would be the same as in the upgrade guide.

  • greg

    not sure where to post my question but would like assistance on downgrading my software on my BB leap. I want to go from my current software of to I ran this software in the past and like this version best. can you assist? thanks!!

    • Hi Greg, I don’t have / use Blackberry device anymore. So I do not have experience downgrading Blackberry OS 10. I tried to search on internet and found this thread Hopefully use can use this thread the way how to downgrade your BB Leap device.

      • greg

        Thanks Fuad! unfortunately my IT protection policy has disabled developer mode so i cant run the changes needed. Is there a way to enable this without wiping my phone? If i wipe my phone i have to ask for it to be put back on the server etc. which is difficult and cumbersome. Your help is greatly appreciated as i have several coworkers and friends in a similar situation.

  • Abdul Rauf

    Thanks for this guide mate, you rock, just like the OS 6.0!
    So I followed your steps and got OS 6.0 on my Curve 9300 :) But since then I’ve not been able to utilize my blackberry internet service subscription; meaning blackberry messenger doesn’t work anymore as well as other third party applications :(
    Sir please I need to figure this out and get them working again ASAP, HELP me!!!!

    Thanks again …

  • Martin

    It does not give me the option to view other versions :s :(

  • mardhy

    helo. ive upgraded my 9300 to OS6, but i cnt view all my pictures n everthingelse in my sd card. where did it all go? how can i get it back?? :'((

  • vicky

    hi faud,
    i’ve upgraded my bb curve 3g to os, after upgrading there is no feed icon on my homescreen, no effects options in camera, my fone hangs a lot, unable to update ma fone software i tried uninstalling ma device software from my pc then i install ver but my fone not accepting the same change..
    downgrade of fone software not working. M stuck please help.

  • nick

    How do i do this from a mac? There is no installation page, and it doesnt have the software on there, it just says “blackberry desktop software v2”

    • Hi nick, you may follow this tutorial the tutorial is for upgrading the OS but it should be the same with the downgrading. If it works you’re lucky, if not go to a friend who has a PC and run Desktop Manager software to downgrade BB OS.

      • HELLO I’m also not able to view other os versions…..

  • fikk


    how can i downgrade to my previous os 5? teach me please, really need your help

    • Have you read the entire tutorial above completely?

  • Gee

    bro u fucked up my blackberry
    the software didn't load correctly
    plz help me !!!

  • Okan

    I updated my blackberry curve 9300 to os 6, but now i can't see a thing! I've tried to put in back on os 5, but at picture 5 I don't see the option to see other versions, please help me!

    • Hi Okan,
      You may need to wipe your phone completely clean before installing the target software. Use JL_Cmder tool to wipe the phone. It can be downloaded from

      Hope it will solve the problem.

      • kartikq

        it doent work can i wipe it through my phone

        • kartikq

          it doeznt wipe it..when i write blackberry as it tells me to do so then it again goes to the home page..plz help me plz