Voila, The Must-Have Screen Recording and Editing Tool for Mac

Enjoy complete freedom to record and capture anything that appears on your screen. Use a variety of effect and annotation tools to create instructive and professional screens and recordings.

If you want to create how-to or tutorial videos by directly capturing/recording anything on your Mac screen, you must have this tool. This tool allows you to record everything you see on your screen so you can easily share that to others.

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The following is the more detail features offered by Voila:

Capture and Record
With Voila you can capture and record anything and everything you see on your screen. Capturing from your desktop, web pages and camera and recording your desktop has never been easier.
Capture full screen or use drawing tools to record specifics areas. Once complete, you can upload and share anywhere including Flickr, YouTube, or via FTP and email.

Organize Images and Recordings
Voila’s smart Organizer manages your images and videos so you have access to them whenever and wherever you want them.

Annotate and Edit
Make professional and informative presentations with a host of annotating, editing and effects tools. You don’t have to be an expert to prepare great presentations; just leave it to Voila!

Share with the World
Let the world see your work! Instantly share with just one click to YouTube, Flickr, FTP, Mail and more. Or simply print it to get a hard copy of your work.