Five super technologies expected in the next five years

While IBM already released its annual “Next Five in Five” which contains a list of innovations that have the potential to change the way people work, live and play over the next five years, RIA Novosti – Russia’s leading news agency in terms of multimedia technologies, website audience reach and quoting by the Russian media¬†also released a list of new super technologies expected in the next five years.

The list of technologies sound super and awesome to have. Here is the complete list of them.

Mobile phone with 3D projections

  • Technology allowing cell phones to project holographic images
  • 3D and holographic cameras in mobile phones will allow for real-time video communication

Constant collection of information on the environment

  • Sensors in telephones, car and many other things will collect information which will give researchers a real-time picture of the environment
  • This innovation is part of IBM’s public research innitiative

Storage batteries charges by air

  • Batteries using energy-dense metals that are charged by air
  • Batteries will become lighter and more compact and will work 10 times longer
  • Some devices will loose their batteries altogether: they will run on kinetic energy (just shake to charge)

Improved heat and power recirculation

  • A considerable amount of heat produced by servers will be used to heat premises
  • Currently up to 50% of the power consumed by data processing centers is used to cool them, while the heat they produce is just released into the air

Adaptive traffic control system

  • Study human habits and behaviors and calculate optimum route data for day-to-day trips and travels around the world

Source: RIA Novosti

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