Burst Media Acquired by Blinkx

As a publisher of Burst Media I continually receive email updates or announcements from the company network.

Today I just surprised that I received an email from Jessica McGranahan (SVP, Publisher Strategy & Development of Burst Media) announcing that Burst Media Corporation has been acquired by Blinkx – an internet search engine for video and audio content based in San Francisco.

The deal reportedly has a total value of $30 million. According to Gigaom, Blinkx will pay $4.5 million in cash as part of the deal, with the remainder being paid through the issuance of new shares of stock…. In exchange, Blinkx expects Burst Media revenues of around $33-$34 million.

I hope the acquisition will give a great impact for all Burst’s publishers with the quality of its advertising network. Long live Burst Media.

Here is the email about the Burst acquisition:

Dear Burst Publisher:

I am pleased to announce that Burst Media Corporation was acquired by blinkx PLC (BLNK:L AIM) today. blinkx operates the world’s largest video search engine with over 35 million hours of content and over 32 million searches a day. blinkx is a profitable, publicly traded company with a market cap that exceeds $500 million and a strong cash balance that will allow it to continue to invest and develop its business.

What does this mean for you? Burst Media will continue to operate as a wholly-owned subsidiary of blinkx. We remain committed to maximizing your ad revenue by delivering high quality campaigns from national brand advertisers and to provide exceptional account service.

The products and services you use day in and day out to run your websites will continue to be available. Your contracts, payment terms and payment cycles will not change. The Publisher Account Center will continue to provide the controls and reporting you need, right at your fingertips. Your Account Manager and Publisher Services team will stay in place, and remain fully committed to providing you with the exceptional service you have come to expect from Burst.

The acquisition of Burst by blinkx is an exciting event that will expand our ability to offer you cutting-edge products that feature blinkx’s unique video advertising solutions. These new video opportunities will bring the chance for video content to your site, and give you new ways to monetize your ad inventory. blinkx’s unique, patented technology is not only the world’s largest video search engine, but also underpins AdHoc, the company’s offering that contextually targets video advertising. AdHoc matches ads to the most relevant point-in-time in a relevant video – delivering a better user experience to your sites’ visitors and superior engagement and ROI to satisfied advertisers.

We will keep you informed about all Burst news and new video solutions that will be available to you from the blinkx technology platform.

This is an exciting time for both you and Burst, and I hope you share in our enthusiasm about what the future holds.

Thank you for your continued dedication and support, and if you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Jessica McGranahan
SVP, Publisher Strategy & Development
Burst Media
(781) 852-5264

P.S. You can learn more about blinkx at their corporate website, http://www.blinkx.com

  • Joe

    I contacted them… no mistake. Over ten years of loyalty… didn’t matter. Millions of page views per month… no difference. In reading other forums today I wasn’t the only one who was dropped without warning. One had been with them for nine years and got the same notice. So if you didn’t receive a notice you were lucky. But I wouldn’t trust them anymore, and I certainly wouldn’t have them as my only ad network. This won’t impact us financially… other networks have been begging for Burst’s position in our chain and have plenty of inventory to fill in. In fact we might end up making more. I’m sorry for those sites that had only Burst or it was a substantial amount of their income and they were dropped like we and others were.

    • Hmm… it seems they have new policies or T&C that may impact some existing sites violate their new policies. I run Burst but not exclusively as the only ad network running on my site. I set the default campaigns to either ValueClick, Adsense or others so if Burst also drop me (I hope not), I can easily switch to ValueClick etc.

      • Joe

        I don’t see how our site could violate any policy. I could understand dropping a site immediately for a violation infraction. And Burst didn’t say any policies were violated… they just said “…our acceptance and representation policies” had changed. Yet in one of their e-mails they said they’d like the opportunity to contact us for future options. After we were treated like this? The thing that really ticks me off is the lack of any notice. We’re busy with trying to launch a completely new and improved site by May 1. We didn’t need to suddenly have to spend hours changing code and rearranging the ad networks.

        • Agree with you, Joe.
          I am definitely a new member of Burst (approved on Dec 2010) so you must know more about Burst than me. However I do believe that they are a trusted ad network. Hopefully it is not because of the acquisition of Burst by blinkx.
          I also do believe that you can survive without Burst. There are many other ad networks such as TribalFusion, CasaleMedia, GorillaNation that I believe you can join to those ad networks easily while I can’t.

  • Joe

    Well after being a loyal Burst publisher for over ten years I received notice this morning they were dropping our site IMMEDIATELY! No two-weeks or even two-day notice, no lets work together… just goodbye. If this is what Burst is turning into I’m glad they dropped me. They weren’t our highest performing network but they were the first to represent our site and have performed well. I’ve refused other networks their position in our chain. And then we’re treated like this? If the fifth most popular site in our category wasn’t good enough for them then it’s their loss.

    • Hi Joe, I didn’t receive any such notifications. I think it would be better to contact Burst Media Support to clear your issue. It might be a mistake.