How To Reset Password Mikrotik DOM

It may happen to you that you forget the Mikrotik administrator password. In routerboard’s families, you can reset to default by pressing the reset button located on the board (or via netinstall). But if it happens on Mikrotik DOM (disk on module), is there a way to reset to default configuration?

The answer is you can not do the same thing as in routerboard (RB) series. There is no reset button on DOM because it is just a disk module. The only solution to reset to default is by reinstalling RouterOS into the DOM.

Mikrotik DOM

You can download the RouterOS .iso image from the Mikrotik’s download page. Make sure to select the PC / X86 version of image. After the download, burn it to a CD and then boot it from a CD-ROM drive. Follow my previous post on how to install Mikrotik RouterOS on PC / laptop / DOM. The Mikrotik’s DOM license will be kept so you don’t need to re-purchase the license.