How To Install Mikrotik RouterOS [Video]

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Are you new to Mikrotik and do you want to learn Mikrotik RouterOS? If you are a network administrator who wants to use a powerful device with an affordable price, you should select Mikrotik RouterBoard (RB) as your choice. The routerboard ranges from RB100 to RB 2100 with different specifications.

However there is also a router OS image so you can install it on your personal computer or server to make it as a router. Just download the Mikrotik .iso file from the download page, burn it to a CD and then install it on your PC / laptop.

This video shows you how install Mikrotik RouterOS Version 5.16 (Stable) on your computer / laptop / DOM (Mikrotik’s disk on module) to run as router. See the video below!


I hope the video above help you to get the picture on how to install Mikrotik RouterOS.