How To Install Add-ons in Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla Firefox is second most used browser around the world after Microsoft Internet Explorer (IE). Many people have switched from IE because Firefox is more secure, robust, and many add-ons (third party software that can be installed in the Firefox browser)

This tutorial will show you how to install an add-on in Mozilla Firefox. For example we want to install HootBar (formerly known as TwitterBar). HootBar is an add-on that allows you to post messages to Twitter and other social networks from the Firefox address bar.

OK let’s go to the steps:

1. Go to Firefox’s Add-ons

2. In the Search all add-ons bar, type HootBar. Firefox will search for the best match of the search keyword you entered in the search bar.

Mozilla Firefox install add-on

3. Click Install button to start installing the add-on.

4. Restart the Firefox to complete the add-on installation.

5. Done. Installing add-on in Firefox is that easy.