How to view IP address of BlackBerry device

If your BlackBerry device is connected to a WiFi Hotspot, you may want to know what the IP address of the device is.

When a BlackBerry device connected to a Wireless network, it will be assigned dynamically by the router. You can view / see the assigned IP address.

blackberry bold 9930

Check BlackBerry IP Address

Follow the steps below to view the IP address of BlackBerry device running OS 7. It should be also applicable for BlackBerry devices running OS 6.

– In the HomeScreen, click Options

– Then go to Device (PIN, auto on/off, battery, storage)

– Go to Device and Status Information (Check PIN, signal, battery, file size)

– Inside this section, you can view or see the WLAN MAC and IP Address including the PIN / IMEI, battery status and free memory information.