Enable transparent status bar in GT-P1000 with Android 4.4.1

Enable transparent status bar in GT-P1000 with Android 4.4.1

Android 4.4 KitKat comes with a ton of new features that make it interesting to use. One of the new features is the transparent / translucent status bar in Home / LockScreen. Basically there is a thread here that already talks about how to make the status bar transparent with a step-by-step you need to do. The guide is based-on Android 4.4. In Android 4.4.1 you don’t need to follow all the steps.

If your Galaxy Tab P1000 or any other low memory devices (with only 512MB of RAM or less) running Android 4.4.1 or any custom ROM based-on Android 4.4.1, the transparent status bar is basically already enabled. You don’t need to recompile the framework-res.apk and put it on the system. The thing why it doesn’t take effect is because of the low memory / RAM.

Edit file /system/build.prop

So to make the status bar transparent, edit the /system/build.prop file then find and change the line:




Save and reboot the device.

After the device reboot, you can see the transparent bar like the image above.

See video below the step-by-step to enable transparent status bar.