System Mechanic 10: Re-Engineered DriveAccelerator

System Mechanic’s enhanced disk defragmenter re-aligns hard drive files more efficiently than before.

You may have fragmented system files on your hard drive. Fragmentation occurs when individual files get split up and stored in different parts of the hard drive. This causes your PC to slow down, because the hard drive head has to search for the scattered parts of the file every time you want to open or edit the file. This slowdown becomes even more pronounced when important Windows system files like the registry hives and main pagefile become fragmented.

For years, disk defrag tools have been one of the most effective and popular ways to deal with the problem of file fragmentation, but they can actually make things worse on a modern system! Running a disk defragmenter on a regular schedule can exacerbate the problem of program misalignment, which is what happens when the many files that make up a single program get separated from one another during the defragmenting process.

System Mechanic’s DriveAccelerator uses proprietary technology to defragment system files during Windows boot-time, when critical system files are still “unlocked” and can still be optimized. What’s more, for System Mechanic 10, DriveAccelerator has been re-engineered to work together with the new Program Accelerator™ tool to ensure that program files remain aligned with one another during the defragmentation process. The result is a first-of-its-kind defragmentation tool that provides a significant boost to overall system and program performance.

How it works:
PC experts have known for a long time that one of the best ways to get a computer re-organized and running faster is to run a disk defragmenter. This is because the information stored in your PC’s files have a tendency to drift apart (becoming “fragmented”) as a side effect of everyday use. These file fragments get scattered and stored in different places on the hard drive, and as a result your computer has to work harder to find and collect the information it needs to run or edit your files. As you might imagine, all of this extra work only serves to slow down your PC.

A defragmenting tool works to gather these file fragments together and place them in contiguous order to make your PC’s work a little easier: by placing the files close together on the drive, it saves your PC the energy and resources it spends hunting for far-flung files—resources that your machine can then put towards helping your programs run faster instead.

Windows system files can get defragmented just like other program files do, but most disk defragmenting tools that run in Windows can’t get at these files because they’re always in use and locked when Windows is on. DriveAccelerator solves this problem by defragmenting system files before Windows starts up, so that your PC can access these critical files in a snap.

DriveAccelerator sets the pace for all other disk defrag tools
DriveAccelerator builds and improves upon the work done by earlier disk defragmenters thanks to its integration with System Mechanic’s unique new Program Accelerator™ tool.

While regular disk defrag tools simply makes sure that files—any files—are placed in close proximity to one another on the hard drive, DriveAccelerator, working in conjunction with Program Accelerator, intelligently defragments your drive while keeping critical program files together. This allows both your PC and the programs stored on it to run faster, smoother, and more safely than ever.

Thanks to its swift operation, ease of use, and unique compatibility with Program Accelerator’s industry-first calibration technology, DriveAccelerator has been newly re-designed to supercharge and rev up your PC like never before.

New Tools and Features

  • Program Accelerator; Uses an all new patent-pending calibration technology to speed up program performance by intelligently realigning programs with their dependent files.
  • CRUDD Remover; Clearly shows you which programs have duplicate functions so that you can make an intelligent choice about which programs you want to keep and which ones you want to remove.
  • Internet Connection Repair; Detects bad connections and uses a battery of proprietary technology to repair and reconnect your computer, and ensures that the connection is as clean, fast, and reliable as possible.
  • Whole Home Licensing Program; Allows families to use just one product license to install System Mechanic on all the PCs in a single-family household at no extra cost.

More Enhanced Features

  • Tune-up Definitions; The latest Tune-up Definitions for System Mechanic 10 are packed with even more essential data that continues to improve and update the product’s effectiveness in 5 vital areas.
  • DriveAccelerator; The first and only disk defragmenting tool re-engineered to work optimally with both Windows 7 and new Program Accelerator calibration technology.
  • Incinerator for Recycle Bin; System Mechanic’s powerful, military-grade Incinerator® now works with Windows Recycle Bin to securely wipe your discarded data.
  • Memory Mechanic; This innovative memory-reclaiming tool has been re-engineered to work up to 85% faster and eliminates up to 25% more memory leaks.
  • ActiveCare; Patent-pending ActiveCare® technology adds more automated repair tasks, enabling System Mechanic to monitor and automatically fix even more problems than before.
  • PowerTools; System Mechanic’s unique all-in-one tune-up tool now comes with all-new detection, repair, and optimization functions.

You can purchase the System Mechanic 10 directly from its website.