Cordia Tab, Open Tablet to cost only $300

Just heard about a new brand tablet, Cordia Tab, an open source tablet device to bring a practical and openly hackable tablet. The tablet is able to run any Linux kernel based operating system such as Cordia HD, MeeGo, Ubuntu, and even Android OS, however it comes with Cordia HD preloaded.

Powered by a 800MHz Freescale i.MX515 ARM Cortex-A8 CPU, the tablet comes with a 7-inch TFT XGA display (1024×600 pixel) with multi-touch capacitive screen. It has a WWAN PCIe mini 3G module to serve WCDMA/HSPA, CDMA EVDO, and TD-SCDMA network using a SIM card from your operators.


Cordia Tab

What is the mission? According to Cordia HD website, here is the mission:

  • Embrace GNOME Mobile as basis for the UI
  • Embrace MeeGo Core as basis for the OS
  • Be compatible MeeGo instance
  • Base on vanilla GTK+, not the heavily patched Maemo GTK+ version
  • If really necessary work with GTK+ developers and push required changes upstream
  • Merge unofficial Hildon Desktop fixes and improvements scattered around the Maemo community and elsewhere
  • Allow seamless MeeGo Qt applications and widgets integration
  • Promote Vala as the language of choice for the desktop for those people who find writing Gtk code in C too ugly

The hardware specifications can be found at here.