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How to Install FreeRadius on Linux / OpenBSD / FreeBSD

This brief post shows you how to install FreeRadius on Linux / OpenBSD / FreeBSD with MySQL or MariaDB as the database. The Linux distributions which we will cover including CentOS and Ubuntu.

FreeRadius is an open-source, free, fast, feature-rich, modular, and scalable Radius server. According to its official web site, many Fortune-500 companies and tier 1 ISPs are using FreeRadius as their AAA solution.

How To Install OpenBSD 5.0 [Video]

How To Install OpenBSD 5.0 [Video]

OpenBSD is known as the most secure operating system on the planet. The operating system has been developing by a team led by Theo de Raadt (previously one of the core team of NetBSD). The main focus of the OS is security and code correctness with quality documentation. With the detailed documentation, users can easily install and master the OpenBSD operating system as a server, router, firewall, VPN or other purposes.

How to install Microsoft Windows Fonts on OpenBSD

You may need more fonts as Microsoft Windows has. If you use OpenBSD as your main desktop as a daily work OS rather than using Windows or Linux, you will need more fonts to make your desktop good looking with Windows Fonts. You can easily install the Microsoft Windows fonts on OpenBSD by following this tutorial.

How to install OpenBSD packages directly from an FTP server

You want to install OpenBSD additional packages such as bash, pico, mozilla-firefox and others directly from an ftp server meaning that you do not need to download the packages first and save to your hard disk. In other word, installing the packages on the fly.

It is very easy to do this. We will do this using ‘pkg_add’ tool. One thing you need to know is ‘pkg_add’ will try to search the packages name in the working directory where you type the pkg_add command and also search the dependency of packages that you want to install. If it could not be found, error messages will be prompted.