Upgrade Samsung Galaxy Tab to Android 2.3.3 Gingerbread

Last week Samsung officially released the Android 2.3.3 Gingerbread update for all Galaxy Tab owners in Korea. Users around the country can easily upgrade the Galaxy Tab to Gingerbread using Samsung Kies software without ‘rooting’ the device.

Today I just connected my Galaxy Tab GT-P1000 to my laptop. I surprised that there was a new firmware upgrade available. The current firmware version installed in my Galaxy Tab is PDA:KM3 / PHONE: KM1 / CSC: KM2 (XSE). And the new available firmware is PDA:JPC / PHONE:JPC / CSC:JPC (XSE). After doing upgrade, this new firmware is Android 2.3.3 Gingerbread. Wow… my Galaxy Tab has been successfully upgraded to Official Android 2.3.3 Gingerbread without rooting the device.

NOTE: I live in Indonesia. I am not sure if the update is available in your country or not. Please kindly drop a comment to inform us about the availability of this update in your country. Thank you.

If you own the Galaxy Tab and want to upgrade to Gingerbread, here is the step by step:

1.       Make sure the battery is fully charged or at least more than 70% charged. You don’t want the upgrade process failed because the battery is not sufficient, right?

2.       Set the USB settings to Samsung Kies. You can set this from Settings > Wireless and network > USB settings

3.       Run the Samsung Kies on your PC/laptop.

4.       Connect the Galaxy Tab to the PC/laptop.

5.       Wait for a while until the status is connected.

6.       You will be prompted that a new firmware upgrade is available. Click the ‘Update’ button.

Galaxy Tab Update


7.       Read and understand all of the information in the next window. After reading all the information, check/tick the option ‘I have read all of the above information’ and select the ‘Allow saving’ then click ‘Start upgrade’ button.

Galaxy Tab Update


8.       Backup your data. Then click ‘Continue’.

Galaxy Tab Update


9.       You data is backing up. Wait until the data has been successfully backed up. Then click ‘Complete’ button.

Galaxy Tab Update


10.   The Samsung Kies will prepare for the firmware upgrade and downloading the components. Do not disconnect the cable connected to the PC.

Galaxy Tab Update


11.   Wait for some minutes to let the Kies download the firmware and install it into the Galaxy Tab. After about 10 minutes, the upgrade process should complete.

Galaxy Tab Update


12.   The Galaxy Tab will automatically reboot.

13.   After it comes up again, check the firmware version is now 2.3.3 and build number is GINGERBREAD.DXJPC.

Galaxy Tab Android 2.3.3

Now you can enjoy the experience of Android 2.3.3 Gingerbread in you Galaxy Tab.

  • Alberto Victorino

    I tried to upgrade my P1000 but this was the message I got.

    This device version cannot be updated

    Does this mean, my firmware is not upgradable?

  • Rameshabv

    2.3 update is not happening in india :(

  • Sean

    not in South Africa yet

  • Sman1031

    update available for Philippines. Upgrading my SGT from Froyo to Gingerbread now

    • Congrats bro. Thanks for dropping comment here :)

  • Edcruz2059

    Im from philippines. Tnx for the update to 2.3.3 but i notice it was JPD

  • architects atrium

    Upgrade is not available in Bangladesh.

    • Hi it is better to ask Samsung Service Center in you country whether/when it is available. If so they will happily upgrade it to Gingerbread without any fees.

  • Spectraleager

    Update yet not available for India..

    • Hi, better to ask Samsung office in your country. if it is available they will upgrade it to Gingerbread with free of charge.

  • Ferry

    kok di kies nya gw gk ada notification update nya ya ? tetep aja froyo. padahal dah ikitin langkah2 dari elo bro…

    • Hi bro, to be safe bring with you your GTab to Samsung Service Center near you. They will happily upgrade it free of charge. Gingerbread is official in Indonesia. Please write in English bro :)

  • Jagermeisie

    Does anyone know when gingerbread will be available in Africa? Namibia to be specific? I’m not keen to do a manual upgrade…

  • Zam586

    how about malaysia

  • Thanks for the excellent tips Goattee. It must be useful for other. Thanks a lot again.

  • Henk dfkasdf

    update available for Holland

    • Thanks Henk for your report

    • As_win

      Update NOT available for Holland

  • Pandaimatematika

    i succeded upgrade to gingerbread, thx for the guidance.


  • And-od

    also from Indonesia…
    I have the latest Kies Software, but I receive no update notification. Odd…

    • Hi bro, have you followed Goattee’s tips (also in this comment thread)? 

  • Pjsingh1111

    no update yet for INDIA

  • Gerhardjp

    I think the upgrade for Philippines is not available. Thanks

    • Thank you bro for your report. I wish it’ll be available soon in Philippine.

  • Vick_sweeney


    I’m in Canada on the Bell network.  No updates available. 
    Current version: PDA:JJ7 / PHONE:JJ7 / CSC:JJ7 (BMC).

    Interestingly it doesn’t say that there is no new firmware, it says that this device cannot be updated….

  • Chongjacky70

    when will be update used australian ?

    • Still no news currently. Wish it will be available soon.

  • Santanu

    update is not available for INDIA

    • Thanks Santanu for reporting this. I hope the update will be available soon for India.

  • When will it be available for the users in India, i connect my tab daily and never recieved any notification, any news?

  • Joseramirmalabanan

    tnx man!

  • Mark H (UK)

    Had an update in the UK (unbranded/unlocked SGT) and it has only updated Froyo a bit …… i.e. it has not taken the device to 2.3.3

  • Margolm

    doesn’t work in the US. Kies says device not support

    • Goattee

      I discovered from my own experience and then research:

      1) you MUST be using the Home launcher that comes with the Galaxy Tab in order for Kies to connect reliably. I use Launcher Pro for daily use. But I have to switch to the Samsung Home launcher when using Kies.

      2) Make sure you turned off the checkboxes under Development (Settings / Applications)

      3) Make sure you have the very latest version of Kies.

  • Markedwards

    I get to step 10 then it fails

  • Mfr118

    What country is this in?

    • This is in Indonesia bro.

      • Dan

        Why not add that to the title?

        • billy3010UK

          I had the same as Mark H (UK) – yesterday a new firmware upgrade appeared via Kies – took forever to download and install and I got excited – turned out to be an update of Froyo (not sure what the differences are – i cant see any obvious ones).  So the UK Galaxy Tab is still running 2,2 with no news of an OS update to 2.3

      • anonymous

        interesting, there are a new update again when i connect to kies after i update to gingerbread dxjpc which is dxjpd, toke a whole 1 hour to download dxjpd, minor upgrade perhaps?