Cisco SPAN Sample Topology

How to configure SPAN and RSPAN in Cisco Catalyst switches

Switched Port Analyzer (SPAN) allows you to send a copy of traffic passing through ports to another port on the switch. SPAN is important to mirror received or transmitted (or both) traffic on one or more source ports to a destination port for analysis. While SPAN is mirroring ports in the same switch, RSPAN(Remote SPAN) is mirroring ports in one switch to a port in different switch.

How to set static or fixed IP address using DHCP

By using DHCP you can set the computers to be static or fixed IP address. You might want to do IP-based policy for some of workstations inside you Local Area Network (LAN) and it makes easier to do IP-base policy this way. This tutorial shows you how to set static or fixed ip address using DHCP.

How to block Facebook using Mikrotik

In this article I want to show on how to block Facebook using Mikrotik in three steps. We will use Web Proxy feature included in Mikrotik. We assume the LAN (Local Area Network) address is and the IP address of 'ether1' which facing to the LAN is