Opensolaris 2010.05 will be released in the next few days

After being postponed to release on March, we will be getting new Opensolaris version in the next few days. It is Opensolaris 2010.05. This is actually what I am (and Opensolaris lovers around the planet are) waiting for.

There are plenty of new softwares and tools included in the new release. For administrators, many new tools have been added such as Oracle Solaris 10 Containers, Triple-Parity RAID with ZFS, Splitting a ZFS zpool, Save space with ZFS Deduplication, User and Group Quotas with ZFS.

For end users, It will use GNOME 2.28 for the desktop. It’s improved with GNOME Restart Dialog and Fast Reboot.

For more details you can check on this webpage (unfortunately the page has been removed).

4 thoughts on “Opensolaris 2010.05 will be released in the next few days”

  1. For those who clicked the link above and found some supposed error screen, here's the url, below, for the cached version of the hastily-removed webpage. That's courtesy of the alert folks at I found the announcement quite interesting.

    I wonder why was it removed. Perhaps Oracle corporate wants to begin charging for some of the technologies listed in it?

    1. Thanks for the cached url. That's a big question.

      Just a simple question, why oracle did not even communicate to the community about the new release of Opensolaris?
      Sun might be wrong why they sold to Oracle.

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